Human connection is key for me as an interior designer. I conceptualize functional and aesthetic designs to be created for interior spaces. I like to provide solutions to everyday problems; I try to provide each client with the specific solutions they need.
My passion for work has been a motive that shaped my method of work to be remarkably friendly. As a consultant and interior designer, I get involved with every client with whom I work, and ultimately, I become a friend and a lifestyle coach for my clients. My approach is being a business counselor on purpose of supporting my clients and businessowners by creating designs that meet their main business needs in the first place and to match their business operation in the second one, then to provide their audience and clients an ambiance they deserve.

My work is a symbiosis between creativity and space study. As a master’s degree holder in Interior Architecture and Design from Heriot University, a sustainability specialist, an environmental activist, and a women empowerment supporter, I have all it takes to meet all the requirements and deliver premium services to clients. Thanks to my professional career, and the added experience I gain and hone every day, I provide my clients the space they envisioned from a global perspective.
Through delivering the unexpected, REESHA demonstrates novel ways of life by developing innovative design concepts. They are practical, safe, aesthetic, and consistent with the purpose and functionality, intended for the spaces throughout the distribution and optimization of spaces that everything may fit with the flow in a correct circulation. In addition, using extensive knowledge of materials and finishing researches to shape the space in harmony as a masterpiece. Lastly, we make sure to reflect the clients’ objectives and carry out their dreams.founder & Design Directors

Sawsan Al Nabulsi
Founder & Design Directors