REESHA is an Arabic word which translates as ’feather‛ or ‛painting brush‛. The term reflects the Beauty, Ease, Comfort, Delicacy of Creativity, Elegance, and Artistic touches. Those features make us stand out and ensure our outstanding performance in the industry.
REESHA INTERIOR DESIGN is an interior architecture corporate specializing in interior architecture and design established in Dubai, the heart of the United Arab Emirates, in 2019.
With a team of experts specialized in interior design, including: architects, engineers, technicians, and artists, we create comprehensively smart spaces and innovative designs authenticated through sensation and execute them in a form of luxurious, sophisticated, and futuristic spaces in the UAE, GCC, and ME.
At REESHA, we look at the big picture of the design representation, design is not only aesthetic in our perspective since we employ it to find clever solutions in which we achieve the finest results to make your home cozier or your business more competitive.
It refers to REESHA Team’s elevated sense of work ethic, inherent intuition, overflowing creativity, and ever-lasting curiosity.